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April, 2013

Vanderbilt wins $9.3M DARPA contract to evolve tools for military vehicle design

Apr. 30, 2013—Vanderbilt University engineers in the Institute for Software Integrated Systems have been awarded a $9.3 million contract over two years to continue their work to mature META tools that are part of a flagship Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Adaptive Vehicle Make (AVM) program. AVM is a portfolio of programs focused on dramatically reducing the...

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Three junior faculty to be recognized at Celebration of Teaching event

Apr. 29, 2013—Three engineering faculty members will be honored for their achievements as 2012-2013 Junior Faculty Teaching Fellows May 3 at the annual Celebration of Teaching event sponsored by the Center for Teaching and the Graduate School. The 2013 event has been expanded to include a variety of panels and presentations throughout the day featuring successes, innovations...

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New computer speeds clinical data collection

Apr. 26, 2013—Tucked in a data center in the basement of Vanderbilt University Hospital, a new computer the size of a large armoire, called a data warehouse appliance, is delivering a new order of speed to Vanderbilt clinical scientists as they search, filter, analyze and annotate the de-identified medical records of approximately 2 million patients. That’s how...

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Music helps put mechanical engineering student’s brain ‘in balance’

Apr. 26, 2013—Near the end of his freshman year in 2011, mechanical engineering student Christopher Marince was feeling the stress of working on a dual major in Vanderbilt University’s Accelerated Graduate Program. Now he’d expected the strain of an academic workload, but there was something else bothering him. “I felt frustrated only using the analytical side of...

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Tracking gunfire with a smartphone

Apr. 25, 2013—You are walking down the street with a friend. A shot is fired. The two of you duck behind the nearest cover and you pull out your smartphone. A map of the neighborhood pops up on its screen with a large red arrow pointing in the direction the shot came from. A team of computer...

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New Owen School dean is an engineer

Apr. 24, 2013—M. Eric Johnson won’t start his new job as dean of Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management until July 1, but he’s already working on some ideas for the school and considering what he wants to accomplish during his tenure, Businessweek reported in a April 23 article. First, he plans to leverage Vanderbilt’s strong health...

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Engineering claims 6 of 10 best-paying master’s degrees

Apr. 22, 2013—Six of 10 best-paying master’s degrees are in engineering, according to an article published today on A master’s in electrical engineering is no. 1, edging out a master’s in finance. In the article, Katie Bardaro, lead analyst at, says many of the top-paying master’s degrees are in technical fields such as engineering and...

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Doctoral student Alexandra Leamy wins P.E.O. Scholar Award

Apr. 22, 2013—Alexandra Leamy, a Ph.D student in chemical and biomolecular engineering, is one of 85 doctoral students nationwide selected to receive a $15,000 Scholar Award from the P.E.O. Sisterhood. She was sponsored by Chapter EV in Cincinnati, Ohio. Leamy’s research focus is type-2 diabetes and obesity, and she works with assistant professor Jamey Young in the...

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