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November, 2013

First VU science communicator named AAAS fellow

Nov. 27, 2013—  David Salisbury (Vanderbilt University) David F. Salisbury, senior research writer in Vanderbilt’s Office of News and Communications, has been named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) for his achievements in communicating and interpreting science to the public. Salisbury is Vanderbilt’s first science communicator to be so honored; he...

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VUSE news roundup

Nov. 27, 2013—November 25, 2013 The Tennessean: Nissan is bullish on fantasy football website Can college football and the principles of the stock market merge to create the perfect sports fantasy game? That’s the question that budding entrepreneurs Will Schreiber and McArthur Gill sought to answer as they headed into their final semester at Vanderbilt University last spring. November 22,...

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Fun experiments fan middle schoolers’ interest in engineering

Nov. 22, 2013—  Brandon Dimmig steadies a fan cart for a cluster of eager fifth graders. The fan cart looks like a toy and students are instantly attracted to the straight grey track and the small black cart with a movable fan. “If we keep the fan on the same speed and we add some extra weight...

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Vanderbilt Aerospace Club members visit Celina K-8 School

Nov. 22, 2013—  Watch member members of the Vanderbilt Aerospace Club teach Newton’s laws of motion using frictionless fan carts and soda bottle rockets to fifth, seventh and eighth grade students in science classes at Celina (Tenn.) K-8 School in Clay County, about 100 miles northeast of Nashville. They used hands-on experiments to explain rocket design, and...

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Alumni engineering solutions for developing world

Nov. 21, 2013—For CEO and Vanderbilt mechanical engineering graduate Krista Donaldson, BE’95, revolutionary engineering is about changing the world, one life at a time. Her San Francisco engineering and design firm is dedicated to solving problems around the world, not for millions of dollars, but hundreds. Fulfilling that goal takes both dedication and innovation, hence the name...

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Burgeoning Vanderbilt research institute celebrates regional impact, global reach

Nov. 15, 2013—In 15 years ISIS has had two growth spurts. During a three-year period between 2000 and 2003 the Institute for Software Integrated Systems at Vanderbilt reached national recognition as a partner in projects won by academic and industry leaders. In 2010, with awards of multiple large, long-term projects “we became the leads,” said ISIS Director...

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Student to play for Colombian women’s soccer team at Bolivarian Games in Peru

Nov. 14, 2013—Sophomore Lina Granados has been invited by the Colombian Soccer Federation to be part of the U-20 Colombian Women’s National Team that will represent Colombia during the 2013 Bolivarian Games held in Peru this month. Granados, a computer science major from Ashburn, Va., and a forward on the Vanderbilt women’s soccer team, has taken the...

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Studying abroad better prepares students for an international workforce

Nov. 13, 2013—Vanderbilt undergraduate engineering students have traveled throughout Asia to learn about nanotechnology, renewable energy and environmental technologies. Others have learned about tissue engineering and medical implant device design in Australia or participated in engineering programs in South Africa. Biomedical and chemical engineering senior Cara Welker recently returned from studying abroad at the University of New...

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