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June, 2015

Partnership with sustainable Sterling Ranch offers research from the ground up

Jun. 29, 2015—A Vanderbilt University alumnus and his family broke ground this month on a 21st century development that will provide a training site and test bed for School of Engineering students and professors. Sterling Ranch, a 12,000-home planned community south of Denver, includes its own commercial space, retail stores and schools. Its design is centered on...

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Ten cross-disciplinary projects with engineering collaborators win TIPs funding

Jun. 23, 2015—Ten of 17 cross-disciplinary projects selected for the initial set of awards from Vanderbilt’s new Trans-Institutional Program (TIPs) initiative include 23 School of Engineering collaborators. “These projects represent a broad range of research and teaching, and I’m happy so many engineers are working in such varied fields. Forging connections and building even more collaborative networks...

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Computer science Ph.D. breaks decades-old coding problem for coalition formation

Jun. 22, 2015—A newly minted Vanderbilt University computer science Ph.D. combined characteristics of ant colonies and superheated metals to break a decades-old coding problem. Sayan Sen’s results have potential applications in a field that is grabbing the tech world’s attention: swarm robotics, or the idea that large numbers of robots can work together to complete tasks. Sen’s...

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New nanoparticle enhances success rate of coronary artery bypass grafts

Jun. 19, 2015—  Illustration shows “nanopolyplex” delivery of a peptide into a surface leg vein prior to bypass grafting. The peptide inhibits a signaling pathway that drives proliferation of cells in the inner lining of the blood vessel, a process known as intimal hyperplasia (IH). As shown at right, the treated vessel has less thickening and is...

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Lack of minorities in STEM focus of Vanderbilt summit

Jun. 11, 2015—  Panelists discuss cultural and structural barriers to the advancement of people of color in the STEM fields. (Image provided) African Americans are one of the most underrepresented racial groups in engineering faculty positions, and mentorship programs have done little to remedy that dire statistic. This was just one topic of discussion for top national...

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Vanderbilt researcher’s look at fatty liver disease hits home with dad’s diagnosis

Jun. 9, 2015—Some people may be overweight their whole lives and never suffer from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease’s most deadly effects – diabetes, cirrhosis, liver cancer and organ failure. Jamey Young, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, wants to learn more about the estimated 5-10 percent who do. If his research at Vanderbilt University School of...

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