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February, 2017

Using game theory to predict cyberattacks on elections and voting machines

Feb. 27, 2017—Yevgeniy Vorobeychik (Vanderbilt) America’s president isn’t the only one considering the possibility of rigged elections. Vanderbilt University’s Yevgeniy Vorobeychik, assistant professor of computer science and computer engineering, spent much of last year researching how and why someone would want to tamper with an election and then developing an algorithm to protect against those efforts. He...

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Organ-on-a-chip mimics heart’s biomechanical properties

Feb. 23, 2017—John Wikswo with image of the I-Wire heart-on-a-chip device projected behind him. (Joe Howell / Vanderbilt) The human heart beats more than 2.5 billion times in an average lifetime. Now scientists at Vanderbilt University have created a three-dimensional organ-on-a-chip that can mimic the heart’s amazing biomechanical properties. “We created the I-Wire Heart-on-a-Chip so that we...

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Student team develops mobile app for Legal Aid

Feb. 21, 2017—Written by Vanderbilt University junior Economics major Sasha Pines The introduction of project-based University Courses at The Wond’ry will completely revolutionize the way we learn at Vanderbilt, as experiential learning is simply the best model for job training. Technology projects are inherently interdisciplinary, requiring clear communication and organized initiative. Students are granted the opportunity to...

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David Owens second guest on ‘The Zeppos Report’

Feb. 20, 2017—A leading thinker on innovation and creativity who was the first faculty member to teach at the Wond’ry sits down for a wide-ranging discussion with Vanderbilt University Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos on the second episode of The Zeppos Report podcast. The Zeppos Report features Vanderbilt faculty, students, staff and alumni as well as other engaging...

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Council introduces the Engineering Cup for more E-Week participation, competition

Feb. 17, 2017—Expect to see more students playing harder at this year’s E-Week festivities as the event takes on a new dimension: a race to the Engineering Cup. Engineering Council organizers said the idea came from the Hogwarts house cup in the Harry Potter series of books. Instead of jewels in an hourglass keeping track of each...

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Alien particles from outer space are wreaking low-grade havoc on personal electronic devices

Feb. 17, 2017—You may not realize it but alien subatomic particles raining down from outer space are wreaking low-grade havoc on your smartphones, computers and other personal electronic devices. When your computer crashes and you get the dreaded blue screen or your smartphone freezes and you have to go through the time-consuming process of a reset, most...

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Engineering faculty co-lead three of six new University Courses

Feb. 14, 2017—Three new courses co-taught by engineering faculty are among the second set of six University Courses to be offered at Vanderbilt University. University Courses promote trans-institutional teaching and learning and meet degree requirements across undergraduate majors and many professional and graduate programs. All the courses tackle important cross-disciplinary topics that advance the educational mission of...

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Vanderbilt University lab to host Build2Last workshop for composites industries

Feb. 13, 2017—Vanderbilt University’s Laboratory for Systems Integrity and Reliability (LASIR) will host a two-day Build2Last workshop presented by Composites One and the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) Feb. 23-24 in Nashville, Tennessee. Vanderbilt is an IACMI university partner. The industry event – Build2Last: Composites Durability Workshop – is designed for production workers to engineers...

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