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July, 2017

Mechanical engineering students devise locking system for Nashville public art

Jul. 6, 2017—When the Nashville Public Art Program commissioned a series of artistic bicycle racks, city officials did not expect vandals to remove one and stick it up in a tree. Outright theft was another problem. Maintenance presented still others. When a rack needs attention, workers have had to break up concrete mounting posts or try to...

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PhD student wins summer grant to study potential vaccine for pediatric neuroblastoma

Jul. 5, 2017—A grant from cancer research nonprofit Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is allowing a Vanderbilt chemical engineering doctoral student to advance his research on a potential vaccine against pediatric neuroblastoma. Kyle Garland is spending his summer on a project titled Immunotherapeutic Targeting of the STING Pathway to Combat Neuroblastoma. He’s working with John Wilson, assistant professor...

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BME team develops device to remove ICU alarm noise, improve patient sleep

Jul. 1, 2017—The ICU is no place to get good rest, as anyone who has worked, visited or stayed in one knows. Alarms designed to alert clinicians disrupt patient sleep, adding to their stress and disorientation. The alarms are shrill, frequent and often false. What if an in-ear device could block a specific alarm sound – in...

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