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$8.7 million DARPA grant advances AI-assisted CPS design work

Oct. 4, 2020—A new, $8.7 million project—Design. R–AI-assisted CPS Design—involves pathbreaking work for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency as future cyber-physical systems will rely less on human control and more machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence processors. Smart grid, driver-assist and autonomous automobile systems, health and biomedical monitoring, smart cities, robotics systems, and new agricultural technologies are...

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Vanderbilt leads project to study applications of new Microsoft biothreat monitoring tech

Sep. 22, 2020—NSF Convergence grant involves data from global sensor network to predict pathogen outbreaks  Vanderbilt engineers are leading the academic component of a massive Microsoft project that combines robotics, genomics, big data collection—and mosquitos—to monitor the environment and detect potential pandemics and other threats before they cause widespread outbreaks. Microsoft announced today expansion of its PREMONITION program...

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Dubey receives $3.9M in grants to redesign regional transit system using AI, community engagement

Sep. 18, 2020—A $2.1 million grant from the National Science Foundation and a $1.8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy will provide funding for Vanderbilt researcher Abhishek Dubey, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science, to reimagine regional transit systems using cutting-edge data science techniques through a group of projects called Smart Transit. Abhishek...

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$8.8 million grant to overhaul evolution of complex software systems

Aug. 20, 2020—All software is not created equal. At one end are apps on a smartphone and consumer-facing programs for which periodic updates to fix bugs and security issues are routine, like replacing an air conditioning filter or getting an annual flu shot. At the other end are large, complex software systems such as software used in...

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Vanderbilt, TDOT awarded grant from U.S. Department of Transportation to enhance I-24 Smart Corridor development with Artificial Intelligence

Jul. 22, 2020—By Marissa Shapiro Without question, Nashville’s exhilarating growth has provided immense benefits to the region. The flip side of all that expansion is that traffic has increased by a whopping 60 percent since 2005 along the area of I-24 that connects Nashville with Murfreesboro, the fastest growing city in Tennessee. Today, Nashville is the 19th...

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