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Fall 2022 Category

Engineering researcher Catie Chang harnesses the power of computational analysis to gain new insights into how the brain works

Oct. 27, 2022—Advances in neuroimaging over the past 25 years have ushered in nothing short of a revolution in technology for understanding the human brain. These new technologies have opened broad vistas for scientists, from being able to pinpoint regions of the brain responsible for various functions and behaviors to targeting new treatments for illnesses ranging from...

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Vanderbilt researchers provide hope with innovative breast cancer vaccine

Oct. 27, 2022—As a child, Jenna Dombroski was at her grandfather’s bedside when cancer took his life. A scientist, he was her inspiration. Years later, the Vanderbilt University Ph.D. student and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow is honoring him by leading the development of what appears to be a promising treatment for breast cancer metastasis, and...

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