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‘3D printing’

Soldiers, students meet up in the Wond’ry to revolutionize prototyping, production

Aug. 10, 2018—Soldiers from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, are known for their bravery, ingenuity and adaptability, but all those qualities take them only so far if they don’t have the equipment they need, fast. In the Army, it can take years to design, prototype and produce a device for a specific task. That length of time is cut...

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The ‘shine’ in gold particles has a new use – finding defects

Jul. 11, 2018—That glint of gold has always captured our eyes, but now the precious metal has a new use – finding defects in 3D printing. Vanderbilt researchers have developed a technique for gold to actually ‘shine’ inside 3D printed parts to highlight any problems. “This is one of the first applications using gold for defect detection....

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3D printed arm bones could aid in surgery planning, surgeon training

May. 30, 2018—Orthopaedic surgeons typically look at X-ray or CT images of a broken arm bone and hold up an old-school ruler to confirm the best plate type and size for repair. But the process is not always that easy, especially in cases involving complex fractures. And without years of experience to inform their estimates, young surgeons...

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From 3-D printed bones to refueling drones, check out Design Day April 23

Apr. 8, 2018—With the start of each new academic year, engineering seniors don’t get the luxury of easing in to their capstone design projects. Discussion of potential projects and the rigorous process begins with the first or second meeting of the two-semester course. Sponsors and professors present project needs and, depending on the department, students rank their...

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New maker class develops key skills and improves clients’ lives

Dec. 19, 2017—What does a young boy do when he wants to play sports but the helmet interferes with his cochlear implants? What about a Vanderbilt student who can’t carry her own meals because she needs both hands for a walker? Or another student who uses a wheelchair wants to hold a door open for a friend...

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Advanced material analysis focus of ME grad student’s 2 weeks at national labs

Jul. 18, 2017—A mechanical engineering Ph.D. student will spend two weeks using some the most advanced X-ray and neutron equipment in the world and learning the techniques from top experts. Marm Dixit was among 60 graduate students selected for the 2017 National School on Neutron and X-ray Scattering. As a part of this program he will spend...

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3D pizza printer heading to ‘Shark Tank’ appearance; Vandy alum is company’s CMO

May. 2, 2016—The idea of using 3D printing to make pizzas began as an experiment in getting an American favorite into the hands of hungry NASA astronauts. Thanks to a chance connection, a Vanderbilt engineering alum is shepherding the invention to market, a process sure to get a major boost from an upcoming appearance on ABC’s hit...

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Experts address promises and problems of 3D printing large structures

Jul. 24, 2015—(iStock) Every month or so an article comes out reporting that some new object has been made using 3D printing: Everything from jewelry to prosthetic devices to electronic circuit boards to assault rifles to automobiles has now been created in this fashion. The prospect that this revolutionary manufacturing method will have a major impact on...

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