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‘3D printing’

Experts address promises and problems of 3D printing large structures

Jul. 24, 2015—(iStock) Every month or so an article comes out reporting that some new object has been made using 3D printing: Everything from jewelry to prosthetic devices to electronic circuit boards to assault rifles to automobiles has now been created in this fashion. The prospect that this revolutionary manufacturing method will have a major impact on...

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Alum’s 3D printer with electronics capabilities grabs CES 2015’s attention

Jan. 22, 2015—SOMERVILLE, Mass. — There’s little sign that the Voxel8 team is just back from impressing visitors to this month’s Consumer Electronics Show — they’re working as intensely as ever in their tight, chaotic lab space in start-up community Greentown Labs. But talk to co-founder and software engineering lead Jack Minardi (EE’12), and the excitement becomes...

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