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‘ACS Nano’

Quantum dots made from fool’s gold boost battery performance

Nov. 11, 2015—  Anna Douglas holding one of the batteries that she has modified by adding millions of quantum dots made from iron pyrite, fool’s gold. (John Russell / Vanderbilt) If you add quantum dots – nanocrystals 10,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair – to a smartphone battery it will charge in 30...

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Cummings publishes perspective in ACS Nano

Apr. 8, 2011—Peter Cummings, John R. Hall Professor of Chemical Engineering at Vanderbilt University, and Michael Simpson, professor of materials science and engineering at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, published a Perspective article in the April issue of the ACS Nano on the role of correlations and fluctuations in physical and biological nanosystems. An overview of the article...

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