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‘additive manufacturing’

4D printed thermite could make welding in space and combat zones easier, safer

Jul. 20, 2020—A recent mechanical engineering doctoral graduate has created a material for welding in extreme conditions that could minimize equipment needed and operator hazards. The material—a safe, stable, thermite paste—can serve as a portable, programmable heat source for use in space, under water and in combat zones. The paste is 3D-printed and deposited in patterns called...

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Soldiers partner with Vanderbilt engineers to create a new model for innovation

Oct. 12, 2019—GPS, duct tape, microwaves and computers—these everyday items have one thing in common:  Each invented, in part or in whole, as the result of U.S. military research. The military’s rich history of innovation continues today at numerous labs and engineering centers. There is a gap, however. There are myriad problems at the warfighter level that...

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Mechanical engineering grad student wins NASA space research fellowship

Apr. 13, 2016—Vanderbilt graduate student Darren Tinker has selected by NASA for its 2016 class of Space Technology Research Fellows. Tinker is a second year graduate student in mechanical engineering. His research – An Additively Manufactured Torch Igniter for Liquid Propellants – is funded up to $74,000 for one year, but the award may be renewed for...

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