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‘Alex Walsh’

Improving breast cancer chemo by testing tumors in a dish

Oct. 28, 2014—One of the tragic realities of cancer is that the drugs used to treat it are highly toxic and their effectiveness varies unpredictably from patient to patient. However, a new “tumor-in-a-dish” technology is poised to change this reality by rapidly assessing how effective specific anti-cancer cocktails will be on an individual’s cancer before chemotherapy begins....

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Engineering graduate student selected to attend Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates

Mar. 4, 2014—School of Engineering graduate student Alex Walsh has been selected to attend the 64th Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Lindau, Germany, this summer. The Lindau Meeting brings together graduate students and junior researchers with Nobel laureates in physics, chemistry, and physiology and medicine for a weeklong series of lectures, informal meetings and discussions. The...

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New technique tracks breast cancer subtypes, treatment effectiveness

Oct. 21, 2013—Ph.D. biomedical engineering candidate Alex Walsh and colleagues are studying new imaging techniques to distinguish breast cancer subtypes and determine if specific therapies are working against cancer cells. (photo by John Russell) A group of Vanderbilt researchers has used laser technology and a custom-built multiphoton microscope to distinguish breast cancer subtypes and determine if specific...

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Genetics may have played a role in student’s cancer research grant award

Jun. 14, 2013—In July, Alex Walsh will step up to a podium in Saarbrucken, Germany and deliver a talk on optical metabolic imaging at an international workshop on Advanced Multiphoton and Fluorescence Lifetime Techniques. It’s her prize for winning this year’s JenLab Young Investigator Award – one of several awards recently bestowed on the Vanderbilt Ph.D. student....

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