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‘Alvin Strauss’

4D printed thermite could make welding in space and combat zones easier, safer

Jul. 20, 2020—A recent mechanical engineering doctoral graduate has created a material for welding in extreme conditions that could minimize equipment needed and operator hazards. The material—a safe, stable, thermite paste—can serve as a portable, programmable heat source for use in space, under water and in combat zones. The paste is 3D-printed and deposited in patterns called...

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Engineering proposals receive $1M in NASA funding

Jun. 21, 2010—Vanderbilt University has been awarded $1 million by NASA for a pair of proposals designed to aid the space agency. Both of the Vanderbilt proposals were submitted by Alvin Strauss, professor of mechanical engineering. NASA has awarded $16.8 million to 19 colleges and universities nationwide to conduct research and technology development in areas of importance...

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