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‘American Heart Association’

High blood pressure may accelerate bone aging according to new study led by Vanderbilt biomedical engineering graduate student

Sep. 7, 2022—When high blood pressure was induced in young mice, they had bone loss and osteoporosis-related bone damage comparable to older mice, according to new research presented today at the American Heart Association’s Hypertension Scientific Sessions 2022 conference, held Sept. 7-10, 2022, in San Diego. The meeting is the premier scientific exchange focused on recent advances...

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Drug development under way with discovery of how to treat heart attack

Feb. 16, 2021—Vanderbilt researchers have identified the protein receptor in specialized heart cells that, when removed, preserves cardiac function after a heart attack. This discovery has significant implications for survival after a heart attack, with a promising therapeutic development now underway at the Warren Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery. The research was led by David Merryman, a...

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BME researchers look at novel therapeutic approach to prevent hardened heart valves

Dec. 28, 2012—Heart valve disease has few non-surgical therapeutic options. To develop strategies for treating and preventing heart valve disease, W. David Merryman, Ph.D., assistant professor of Biomedical Engineering, and colleagues are studying the cellular signaling that leads to calcification (hardening) of the aortic valve. Previous studies have shown that the TGF-beta1 signaling pathway activates a process...

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Researcher plays key role in studies that point to novel target for treating arrhythmias

Jan. 16, 2009—Vanderbilt investigators have discovered a new molecular mechanism associated with abnormal heart rhythms – arrhythmias – which account for about 10 percent of all deaths in the United States. Their findings, reported recently in The Journal of Clinical Investigation, could lead to novel arrhythmia treatments. The first author of the current report, Franz Baudenbacher, assistant...

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