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‘Bharat Bhuva’

ISDE training helps Harris Corp. strengthen its engineers’ design skills

Jul. 1, 2019—Faculty members and researchers in Vanderbilt University’s Institute for Space and Defense Electronics provided training for about 20 Space and Intelligent Systems engineers June 26-27, 2019, thanks to an agreement between Harris Corporation and the university. Training on single event effects, or SEEs, was held at the Harris Technology Center in Palm Bay, Florida, and...

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Alien particles from outer space are wreaking low-grade havoc on personal electronic devices

Feb. 17, 2017—You may not realize it but alien subatomic particles raining down from outer space are wreaking low-grade havoc on your smartphones, computers and other personal electronic devices. When your computer crashes and you get the dreaded blue screen or your smartphone freezes and you have to go through the time-consuming process of a reset, most...

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Professor designs safety device for stranded drivers

Aug. 13, 2013—A low-tech safety device for drivers stranded on roadsides at night has been designed by a Vanderbilt engineering professor. DefCone is a series of five inflatable, illuminated cylinders vertically aligned to form a 2-foot-high barrier roughly the width of a car. The cylinders’ LED lights blink at intervals. Bharat Bhuva, professor of electrical engineering and...

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