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‘Biophotonics Center at Vanderbilt’

Gummy Bears, laser pointers demonstrate concepts at celebration of light

Mar. 30, 2015—Children and their parents crowded against the table at Adventure Science Center, eyes glued to biomedical engineering grad student John Nguyen and the green laser pointer pressed to his index finger. “Can you see the light come through my finger?” he asked. “No!” came the chorus of voices back — and it’s true, the green...

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Jansen to receive Caroline and William Mark Memorial Award

Feb. 11, 2015—E. Duco Jansen will receive the Caroline and William Mark Memorial Award in April at the 35th annual conference of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. Jansen, associate dean for graduate studies in the School of Engineering and professor of biomedical engineering and neurological surgery, was selected for his outstanding contributions to laser...

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Engineering dean announces creation of Biophotonics Center at Vanderbilt

Feb. 6, 2015—School of Engineering Dean Philippe Fauchet has announced the establishment of The Biophotonics Center at Vanderbilt. The newest research center in the school “will regroup not only the faculty members who focus on biomedical applications inside and outside engineering, but also those faculty members whose main research activities include other subfields of photonics,” Fauchet said....

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