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‘Brett Byram’

Biomedical Engineering scholar Brett Byram named as a Senior Member of global optics and photonics society, SPIE

Aug. 11, 2022—Vanderbilt Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Brett Byram, joins a group of 77 international scholars who were named Senior Members of SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, in August. Byram’s research specializes in improving the imaging quality of ultrasound technology, which is a relatively low-cost, highly versatile diagnostic tool. He runs the Biomedical...

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Team awarded $2.3 million NIH grant to evaluate new, more accurate ultrasound methods

Sep. 9, 2021—New acquisition and reconstruction solutions for ultrasound imaging developed by a Vanderbilt team aim to fundamentally improve the ability to obtain high quality, clinically relevant images, especially in cases of heart disease. With a new, $2.3 million National Institutes of Health grant, the researchers will evaluate their advances on a specific subset of cardiac imaging...

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Vanderbilt engineer to participate in NAE’s Frontiers of Engineering symposium

Jul. 11, 2018—A Vanderbilt University engineering professor has been selected to take part in the National Academy of Engineering’s 24th annual U.S. Frontiers of Engineering symposium Sept. 5-7 in Lexington, Mass. Brett Byram, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, is one of 84 engineering researchers chosen from a highly competitive pool of applicants – ages 35 to 45...

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Ultrasound helmet would make live images, brain-machine interface possible

May. 8, 2018—Brett Byram, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, is developing a helmet that allows for brain ultrasound imaging. (Daniel Dubois/Vanderbilt University) Ultrasound technology for the brain could mean real-time images during surgery, a better idea of which areas get stimulated by certain feelings or actions and, ultimately, an effective way for people to control software and...

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Byram receives NSF career development award

Apr. 11, 2018—Brett Byram, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, has received a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development grant. The five-year, $549,995 grant – Ultrasound Brain-Computer Interface – begins May 1, 2018. The award funds the development of a next-generation ultrasound device to enable real-time ultrasonic visualization, without the use of contrast agents, of brain perfusion...

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