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‘cancer metastasis’

$1.9 million NIH project to investigate effects of shear stress on cancer cells

Sep. 9, 2021—A biomedical engineering professor has received a $1.9 million NIH grant to investigate the effects of mechanical stimuli such as shear stress on the behavior of cancer cells in blood flow. J. Lawrence Wilson Professor Mike King and his research group will develop the devices for the study as well as new cell lines to...

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Vanderbilt bioengineer’s trailblazing cancer research receives $1M W. M. Keck Foundation grant

Jul. 14, 2020—A bold engineering approach by a Vanderbilt University researcher to sort breast cancer cells based on their behavior first has produced compelling data that show less migratory cells create more metastases, contradicting the prevailing hypothesis on how cancer spreads. Expanding this ambitious research by Cynthia Reinhart-King, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Engineering, to other highly metastatic...

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