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‘Code Golf’

Banana cars and gumdrop bridges: E-Day provides carb-laden break

Nov. 7, 2014—Building an edible car is easy. Getting it to actually roll is tough. It’s just one lesson learned from Thursday’s E-Day, a celebration of engineering that incorporated more carbohydrate-fueled energy than brain power. The student organizers wanted it that way to give Vanderbilt University School of Engineering undergraduates a break from the fall grind while...

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Eat your way through this year’s E-Day

Oct. 30, 2014—Undergrads can eat their way through this year’s Engineering Day, with a number of food-based contests that put their skills to use without feeling like another assignment, organizers said. Among the Thursday, Nov. 6, offerings is a contest to build the fastest car you can consume. Meredith Huszagh (BME’16), president of the School of Engineering...

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