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Rebuilding concrete – Sanchez to help lead $6.7 million Hong Kong research project

Aug. 15, 2018—A Vanderbilt civil engineering professor is a key investigator in a new international project to revolutionize production of concrete using seawater, sea sand and fiber-reinforced polymer composites. The Hong Kong Research Grants Council, which is equivalent to the U.S. National Science Foundation, has awarded a $6.7 million, five-year grant to a multi-university team of experts...

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Researchers at Vanderbilt exploring safety of nuclear power plant concrete

Nov. 5, 2014—Researchers who want to ensure America’s nuclear power plants are safe for another generation are meeting at Vanderbilt University today and Thursday, focusing their attention on the aging concrete that encases reactors. The nation’s 100 nuclear power reactors represent a $600 billion investment and provide 65 percent of America’s non-carbon-emitting power, said Bruce Hallbert, director...

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