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Vanderbilt leads project to study applications of new Microsoft biothreat monitoring tech

Sep. 22, 2020—NSF Convergence grant involves data from global sensor network to predict pathogen outbreaks  Vanderbilt engineers are leading the academic component of a massive Microsoft project that combines robotics, genomics, big data collection—and mosquitos—to monitor the environment and detect potential pandemics and other threats before they cause widespread outbreaks. Microsoft announced today expansion of its PREMONITION program...

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From 3-D printed bones to refueling drones, check out Design Day April 23

Apr. 8, 2018—With the start of each new academic year, engineering seniors don’t get the luxury of easing in to their capstone design projects. Discussion of potential projects and the rigorous process begins with the first or second meeting of the two-semester course. Sponsors and professors present project needs and, depending on the department, students rank their...

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Penn Engineering’s Kumar says FAA grounding won’t halt growing drone interest

Oct. 14, 2015—Aerial robot superstar Vijay Kumar gets that there are good reasons for the Federal Aviation Administration to look askance at drone use. There are 15,000 of them sold each month in the U.S. alone, with no standard safety regulations or training for users. Even a drone weighing about a pound can hurt someone if it...

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