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‘Early Career Award’

Ultrasound helmet would make live images, brain-machine interface possible

May. 8, 2018—Brett Byram, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, is developing a helmet that allows for brain ultrasound imaging. (Daniel Dubois/Vanderbilt University) Ultrasound technology for the brain could mean real-time images during surgery, a better idea of which areas get stimulated by certain feelings or actions and, ultimately, an effective way for people to control software and...

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Duvall receives NSF Early Career award

Aug. 28, 2014—Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering Craig L. Duvall has received a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development grant. The five-year, $500,000 grant – Polythioketal Hydrogel For SiRNA-Enhanced Regenerative Cell Therapies – will allow Duvall to continue research on advanced drug delivery systems designed to enhance the performance of stem cell therapies for use in...

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Young receives 2012 DOE Early Career Award

May. 15, 2012—In the third year of the Early Career Research Program managed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science, a Vanderbilt engineering assistant professor is on the list of 68 recipients from 47 institutions announced last week. The awards focus on areas of high priority for the nation and for DOE’s mission, supporting exceptional...

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