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‘electric vehicles’

$2.5 million NASA project will develop and test safety management for ‘air taxis’

Jun. 28, 2021—Multi-university team tackles safety systems for autonomous eVTOLs Vanderbilt engineers are part of a NASA-funded, multi-institution effort to develop safety systems for a mode of transportation that doesn’t exist yet—small, commercial, autonomous planes that move people by air between locations in large, crowded cities. The task is a formidable one with machine learning at its...

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Team examines operating limits in solid-state batteries to improve driving range of electric vehicles

Oct. 22, 2020—There is huge momentum toward adoption of battery electric vehicles primarily because performances are meeting or exceeding the properties of traditional automobiles. Consumers want electric vehicles that have similar driving range (energy density) and charging styles and times (power density) to gasoline powered vehicles. “One pathway to improving the energy density of the battery, or...

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