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‘electronic health records’

Faculty Innovator: Daniel Fabbri demonstrates academic and entrepreneurial prowess

Aug. 12, 2021—By Marissa Shapiro Since his days growing up in Silicon Valley, Daniel Fabbri, assistant professor of biomedical informatics and computer science in the School of Medicine and School of Engineering, respectively, has always been driven to use his academic knowledge to make an impact. “I never wanted to write papers that sit on the shelf,” he...

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Research Snapshot: Faculty examine user experience of electronic health records for physicians

May. 3, 2021—The Idea Health care providers use electronic health records as a tool for quickly sharing relevant patient medical information. Unfortunately, medical providers’ information needs are often misunderstood by the people who design information tools, including EHRs. A team of Vanderbilt-led researchers sought to better understand the goals, constraints and frustrations of medical providers when they...

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How to fake a medical record in order to mitigate privacy risks

Nov. 4, 2019—In machine learning, generative adversarial networks (GANs) involve two artificial neural networks squaring off, one, the generator, trying to delude the other, the discriminator, into accepting synthetic data as real. Beyond their science and engineering applications, GANs can generate utterly convincing “photographs” of people who do not exist. Unrestricted use on a wide scale of...

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