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‘Emily Matijevich’

Wearable sensor algorithms powered by machine learning could be key to preventing runners’ injuries

Oct. 28, 2020—A trans-institutional team of Vanderbilt engineering, data science and clinical researchers has developed a novel approach for monitoring bone stress in recreational and professional athletes, with the goal of anticipating and preventing injury. Using machine learning and biomechanical modeling techniques, the researchers built multisensory algorithms that combine data from lightweight, low-profile wearable sensors in shoes...

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Grad students will use travel grants to attend world’s largest sports medicine conference

Feb. 5, 2020—Three engineering graduate students whose research focus is biomechanics and assistive technologies will attend the world’s largest sports medicine conference thanks to spring 2020 travel grants from the Vanderbilt Graduate School’s  Russell G. Hamilton Graduate Leadership Institute. Maura Eveld, Emily Matijevich and Rachel Teater are mechanical engineering students who work with Karl Zelik, assistant professor...

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