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Research Snapshot: Exosuit concept developed at Vanderbilt peeks at the future of wearable tech

Mar. 25, 2021—The idea Karl Zelik (Vanderbilt University) Erik Lamers (Vanderbilt University) Karl E. Zelik, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, and recent Ph.D. graduate Erik P. Lamers revealed a new exosuit designed to bring back relief to workers who have been under high strain throughout the pandemic, including last-mile delivery drivers and essential workers. The suit can...

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National Biomechanics Day draws 370+ visitors to assistive tech labs

Apr. 15, 2019—The Vanderbilt group organizing National Biomechanics Day event this year added video scripting and production to its skillset. The group of graduate students and undergraduates spent three months planning demonstrations, contacting schools and creating their two-minute promotional video, which won the award from the International Society for Biomechanics for the most retweeted video. The video, “Biomechanics...

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ME senior and x-country Commodore takes on track, lab work and rocket design

Oct. 26, 2018—In the spring of 2017, Vanderbilt’s Sara Tsai suffered an Achilles injury during a routine workout. The injury would ultimately require surgery and force Tsai, a mechanical engineering senior, to miss her entire junior season as a distance runner at Vanderbilt. Tsai said that setback challenged her both emotionally and physically. But such adversity also...

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