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Faculty partnerships explored by Army Research Lab’s chief scientist

Nov. 30, 2017—The chief scientist of the Army Research Lab visited Vanderbilt to explore research collaborations with faculty who are conducting research on robotics, artificial intelligence and resilience. The visit was facilitated by Jaret Riddick, director of ARL’S Vehicle Technology Directorate, who serves on the School of Engineering’s Board of Visitors. Alexander Kott’s day on campus was...

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Golden Goose Award to recognize once obscure, odd research that yield significant benefit

May. 4, 2012—Readers of a certain age will remember the late Sen. William Proxmire (D-Wisc.) and the infamous Golden Fleece Award that he issued regularly from 1975 to 1988. The advertised purpose of the award was to identify what he considered to be wasteful government spending. Basic scientific projects were among his favorite targets. Unfortunately, the senator...

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