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‘Gabor Karsai’

$9M NSF grant to help Vanderbilt engineers expand frontier of cyber-physical systems

Jul. 29, 2013—Vanderbilt University engineers are part of a multi-university project funded by a five-year $9 million National Science Foundation grant to help determine the most efficient approach to designing and operating cyber-physical systems that support national health, energy and transportation priorities. Teams from Vanderbilt, the University of California, Berkeley, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the...

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Karsai to create advanced software for DARPA

Dec. 20, 2007—Gabor Karsai, professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Vanderbilt, and a team of researchers have been selected by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to create advanced software development tools and processes that meet changing military needs. The researchers will work on adapting large-scale software systems to address emerging threats such as...

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