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‘Gautam Biswas’

ISIS professors receive NSF Awards as a result of U.S. stimulus plan

Aug. 26, 2009—Two ISIS professors have received National Science Foundation awards in the area of intelligent learning environments and distributed real-time embedded systems. These awards are the result of stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The two awards are: Formal Analysis of Choice-Adaptive Intelligent Learning Environments (FACILE) that support Future Learning Principle...

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Engineering professor creates animated science education program

Dec. 1, 2007—An animated computer program created by Dr. Gautam Biswas, professor of computer science and computer engineering at Vanderbilt, is being used in Nashville public school classrooms to teach science to middle school students. But the teachable agent called Betty’s Brain does much more; it also teaches students how to learn. Supported by the National Science...

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