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‘genomic data’

U.S. precision medicine research program releases genomic data

Mar. 22, 2022—by Paul Govern Earlier this month the All of Us Research Program released an initial large batch of genomic data on its cloud-based research platform, the Researcher Workbench, including whole genome sequences of 98,600 research participants and genotype data from 165,200 participants. “Thanks to its many research participants from all 50 states, All of Us...

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Study applies game theory to genomic privacy

Jan. 13, 2017—It comes down to privacy — biomedical research can’t proceed without human genomic data sharing, and genomic data sharing can’t proceed without some reasonable level of assurance that de-identified data from patients and other research participants will stay de-identified after they’re released for research. Data use agreements that carry penalties for attempted re-identification of participants...

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