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‘gold nanoparticles’

Novel, ‘multiplexed’ diagnosis may better identify candidates for cancer immunotherapy

Aug. 26, 2018—A Vanderbilt engineering researcher has shown that combining an enhanced vibrational spectroscopy technique with tagged gold nanostructures can detect important tumor immunomarkers – a significant step toward predicting which patients would benefit from immunotherapy. The study by Rizia Bardhan, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, involved breast tumors but the work has broader relevance....

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The ‘shine’ in gold particles has a new use – finding defects

Jul. 11, 2018—That glint of gold has always captured our eyes, but now the precious metal has a new use – finding defects in 3D printing. Vanderbilt researchers have developed a technique for gold to actually ‘shine’ inside 3D printed parts to highlight any problems. “This is one of the first applications using gold for defect detection....

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