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‘Greg Walker’

Engineering’s Greg Walker named ASME Fellow

Aug. 11, 2016—Greg Walker, associate professor of mechanical engineering, has been selected to be a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for “exceptional engineering achievements and contributions to the engineering profession.” Walker is one of approximately 3,000 fellows chosen from among more than 130,000 ASME members. Cited by the ASME, Walker’s significant contributions include the...

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New method for enhancing thermal conductivity could cool computer chips, lasers and other devices

Dec. 14, 2011—    The surprising discovery of a new way to tune and enhance thermal conductivity – a basic property generally considered to be fixed for a given material – gives engineers a new tool for managing thermal effects in smart phones and computers, lasers and a number of other powered devices. The finding was made...

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New graphics processor cluster gives Vanderbilt supercomputer a major boost

Aug. 2, 2010—What do an astrophysicist studying how black holes merge, a chemist predicting the biological characteristics of novel proteins, a psychologist investigating decision-making and a mechanical engineer studying how nanotubes transport heat have in common? They all need tremendous amounts of computer power to conduct their research and they all will benefit directly from a huge...

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Engineering faculty receive one-time-only IDEAS funds to support ‘breakthrough-level’ research

Jun. 11, 2010—Vanderbilt University will provide more than $3 million to 43 of its faculty researchers – 11 from the School of Engineering – over the next three years to support “breakthrough-level” research with the potential to “advance society’s greater good and collective wisdom.” The program, called Innovation and Discovery in Engineering And Science (IDEAS), will award...

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Three VUSE faculty receive tenure

Jun. 16, 2008—Three Vanderbilt School of Engineering faculty members have been promoted to associate professor with tenure.  The promotions were confirmed by the Board of Trust at its spring meeting May 15-16. They are Mark Does, associate professor of biomedical engineering; Michael Miga, associate professor of biomedical engineering; and Greg Walker, associate professor of mechanical engineering. “Tenured...

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