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‘health care robotics’

Design Day showcases Mars habitat, interstate cap, dozens of innovations

Apr. 25, 2019—Design Day 2019 took students and visitors to Mars, a diving depth of 300 feet and a potential green oasis above a stretch of Interstate 65. Other projects included a robotic device for a young boy born with a partial right hand, an easily customized ultrasound brain helmet, an affordable 3D-printed canine prosthetic, advanced lab...

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Robot-guided video game prompts peer interaction among older adults

Mar. 18, 2019—Two residents of Elmcroft Senior Living sat side-by-side facing a large screen, raising their hands in tandem as watch-style devices on their wrists controlled the avatars in front of them. Every so often, a squat little robot off to the side would remind them the object of the game: Get your avatar’s books into the...

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Nation’s most senior African-American female roboticist in higher ed to deliver Chambers Lecture Sept. 25

Sep. 15, 2017—As one of the nation’s most recognized female roboticists, Ayanna Howard has designed SnoMote robots to study the impact of global warming on Antarctic ice shelves and created artificial intelligence-powered STEM apps to teach children with autism how to play Angry Birds. She has overseen nearly 50 projects in a dozen years at Georgia Tech....

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7th-10th graders, parents to explore surgical robotics, advanced prosthetics at daylong Vanderbilt workshop

Nov. 9, 2010—Snake robots will perform palpation of mockup tumors followed by a demonstration of a snake robot that’s sensitive to touch. A parallel robot system will demonstrate its value for eye surgery and cochlear implant surgery. On Saturday, Nov. 13, a daylong program designed to showcase the role of mechanical engineering in the future of healthcare...

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