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Computer science team wins global contest with AI model that translates English to code

Dec. 14, 2020—IBM will use Vanderbilt model as end-user scripting assistant in its open-source Command Line AI Project One day, a deep learning model will translate the sentence you type in English to computer code that will accomplish what you stated in the sentence. A team of Vanderbilt computer scientists has shortened the distance with a top...

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The quantum computing race is on; IBM leader at engineering school Sept. 20

Sep. 11, 2018—Robert Sutor leads a cross-disciplinary team at IBM that has created industry’s first initiative to build quantum computers for business and science. Today, IBM Q has close to 100,000 users within a network of Fortune 500 companies, universities and startups that collaborate with IBM Research to advance quantum computing. Computer scientists say superfast quantum computers...

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Computer science team competes in regional round of IBM’s Battle of the Brains

Nov. 10, 2010—The Vanderbilt University School of Engineering teams competed in a regional round of the 35th annual IBM-sponsored Association for Computing Machinery International Collegiate Programming Contest, also known as the Battle of the Brains, Nov. 6. The competition challenges teams of three students each to solve complex and rigorous real-world problems by using open technology and...

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