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‘inland waterways’

Stronger waterborne petroleum access spared Nashville worst of Colonial Pipeline shutdown shortages

Jun. 19, 2021—Vanderbilt civil and environmental engineers have concluded that cities in Middle and East Tennessee with waterborne access to petroleum products were far less affected by the disruption of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown in May 2021 than other regional markets. The research was conducted as part of a case study on resilience strategies for navigable portions...

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New CEE professor combines hydrology and data to study rivers’ cleansing capacity

Oct. 24, 2018—When it comes to rivers, floodplains, ponds and lakes, Jesus Gomez-Velez knows the waters are never still – even if they appear to be. They continuously change, processing and removing excess harmful nitrates, filtering contaminants though grains of varied sizes, and using thermal energy to reinvent themselves. “Rivers regulate themselves,” he said. “We just need...

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VECTOR and UT study: Unscheduled lock closures cost inland waterway shipper supply chain more than $1 billion annually

Nov. 24, 2017—Unscheduled lock closures create costly ripple effects across the shipper supply chain – adding more than $1 billion in additional transportation expenses annually and disrupting state economies along U.S. inland waterways. Those are the broad findings of a new, in-depth study by researchers from the Vanderbilt Engineering Center for Transportation and Operational Resiliency (VECTOR) and...

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Vanderbilt engineering professors, students submit grade on state infrastructure report card

Sep. 27, 2016—Tennessee section of ASCE: Infrastructure GPA is a C Two Vanderbilt civil engineering professors helped grade Tennessee’s infrastructure, and the report card came home today. Professors Lori Troxel and Craig Philip and Vanderbilt engineering students were members of a team of professional engineers across Tennessee that assessed 10 categories of the state’s infrastructure, resulting in...

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