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‘Internet of Things’

Study of Google data collection comes amid increased scrutiny over digital privacy

Nov. 1, 2018—Google may not know whether you’ve been bad or good but it knows when you’re sleeping and when you’re awake. If you use an Android device with the Chrome browser running, the tech giant knows whether you are traveling by foot or car, where you shop, how often you use your Starbucks app and when...

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CPS verification expert wins Air Force young investigator research award

Oct. 20, 2017—Taylor T. Johnson, an assistant professor of computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering, has been recognized with an early career award from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. He will receive a three-year grant to work on formal verification for cyber-physical systems (CPS) that is understandable and reusable. The $450,000 grant is part...

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Sztipanovits co-leads international effort to build social values into the Internet of Things

Oct. 11, 2017—The proliferation of smart devices has jump-started another profound technological transformation and created an opportunity to better marry these cyber physical systems with societal norms to minimize social disruption. That’s the idea behind an ambitious new international, interdisciplinary project to develop and test the concept of incorporating social norms, policies and values into the basic...

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Sztipanovits builds on IoT, Industrial Internet for the next tech revolution

Aug. 18, 2015—Americans are well accustomed to the sight of Fitbit-adorned wrists, their wearers marching in place so that their smartphones can reward them with a celebratory message about hitting a step goal. That’s the Internet of Things. And we’re starting to hear about intersections where the light changes to accommodate an approaching ambulance, or smart dryers...

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Students prototype new energy intelligence solution for Internet of Things market

Apr. 18, 2014—Camgian Microsystems Corporation and the School of Engineering have collaborated to prototype a new Internet of Things (IoT) energy intelligence system for the facility management market through the engineering school’s senior design program. Effectively capturing and processing usage data from large buildings can provide facility managers with a powerful tool for reducing expenses in their...

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U.S. tech giants, Vanderbilt engineers form group to create engineering standards for ‘Internet of Things’

Apr. 7, 2014—A new group called the Industrial Internet Consortium that includes Vanderbilt engineers and researchers in the university’s Institute for Software Integrated Systems (ISIS), American technology giants AT&T, Cisco, GE, IBM, Intel and 11 other companies announced its plans March 27 to create engineering standards for the “Internet of Things.” IoT refers to the connection of...

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