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Student-organized conference on March 20 highlights smart home tech

Mar. 8, 2021—An upcoming free, one-day conference on emerging technologies will focus on smart home technologies and feature talks by top officials from Amazon, Google Nest and Peloton, among others. Emerge 2021: Home Smart Home is Saturday, March 20, on Zoom. The conference is hosted annually by the Vanderbilt University’s Women in Computing student organization. The event,...

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Transportation engineers put sophisticated eyes on campus mobility and air quality

Oct. 9, 2019—Do riders of bicycles and scooters dismount before crossing the pedestrian bridge over Hillsboro Road, as they should? How does the air quality at 21st and Broadway compare to campus areas with more tree cover? What are the pedestrian, bicycle, scooter and automobile traffic patterns at 21st and West End Avenue? The data is coming....

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Vanderbilt engineers to train neural networks and enhance Chattanooga transit system

Oct. 12, 2018—  Chattanooga is the test city for new Department of Energy-funded project that leverages expertise of Vanderbilt engineers and widespread availability of 1-gigabyte Internet connection to revolutionize energy efficiency of transit providers. Advancements in data sensors, data collection and machine learning will fuel the project, which aims to optimize schedules of bus routes, decrease stop-and-go...

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Koutsoukos heads NSA Lablet to enhance America’s post-hack resiliency

May. 7, 2018—Cyber-physical systems let you analyze Fitbit data on a smartphone. They tell your house to bump up the thermostat before you get home. They run traffic lights. Mass transit. Electrical grids. It’s not a question about whether these systems connecting humans and technology are hackable. America’s challenge is to keep them running after inevitable hacks...

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Sztipanovits co-leads international effort to build social values into the Internet of Things

Oct. 11, 2017—The proliferation of smart devices has jump-started another profound technological transformation and created an opportunity to better marry these cyber physical systems with societal norms to minimize social disruption. That’s the idea behind an ambitious new international, interdisciplinary project to develop and test the concept of incorporating social norms, policies and values into the basic...

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Sztipanovits builds on IoT, Industrial Internet for the next tech revolution

Aug. 18, 2015—Americans are well accustomed to the sight of Fitbit-adorned wrists, their wearers marching in place so that their smartphones can reward them with a celebratory message about hitting a step goal. That’s the Internet of Things. And we’re starting to hear about intersections where the light changes to accommodate an approaching ambulance, or smart dryers...

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