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‘Janos Stzipanovits’

Executive Council established to lead engineering institute

Sep. 21, 2022—An Executive Council of senior engineering leaders has been created to oversee governance of the School of Engineering’s Institute for Software Integrated Systems. “A substantial rise in the number of affiliated faculty, professional research staff, and students as well as growing significance of the Institute’s core research areas made it necessary to establish a governance...

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Vanderbilt researchers join exclusive global effort to speed breakthrough in depression treatment

Nov. 17, 2021—Project to build end-to-end model of depression capturing biological factors, quantifiable biometrics and behavioral measures Vanderbilt researchers have been selected by Wellcome Leap as one of 12 global teams to develop an integrated model of depression and to identify biologically effective treatment in an accelerated timeframe. A key goal is rapid, targeted intervention and selection...

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Sztipanovits named John von Neumann Professor in Hungary

May. 23, 2018—Janos Sztipanovits, a leader in cyber-physical systems research, has been named the John von Neumann Professor by Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the John von Neumann Computer Society of Hungary. Sztipanovits, E. Bronson Ingram Distinguished Professor of Engineering and founding director of the Vanderbilt University Institute for Software Integrated Systems, will receive the...

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