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‘Keith Obstein’

Vanderbilt researchers bring paradigm-shifting technology to endoscopic procedures

Nov. 19, 2020—A collaboration between international and Vanderbilt University researchers is helping to update a tried-and-true medical technology for the 21st century. The development of an intelligent and autonomous Magnetic Flexible Endoscope holds the promise of making colonoscopies safer, less painful, more widely available and less expensive. The article “Enabling the future of colonoscopy with intelligent and...

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Robot evolution: Partnership intensifies between Vanderbilt engineers, physicians

Dec. 6, 2013—By David F. Salisbury In the foreseeable future, robots will stick steerable needles in your brain to remove blood clots, and capsule robots will crawl up your colon to reduce the pain of colonoscopies. “Bionic” prosthetic devices will help amputees regain lost mobility, and humanoid robots will help therapists give autistic children the skills to...

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Restoring surgeons’ sense of touch during minimally invasive surgeries

Oct. 17, 2013—A small, wireless capsule has been developed that can restore the sense of touch that surgeons are losing as they shift increasingly from open to minimally invasive surgery. During open surgery, doctors rely on their sense of touch to identify the edges of hidden tumors and to locate hidden blood vessels and other anatomical structures:...

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