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‘Ken Pence’

Battery-switching device promises more road time for Tesla, Leaf drivers

Nov. 20, 2017—Nissan Leafs, which go about 107 miles on a charge, often don’t graduate beyond commuter car status due to battery-life worries. The mass-market, standard Tesla Model 3 can travel double that distance, which is still limiting on long road trips. Both batteries could work about 50 percent longer with a device provisionally patented by Vanderbilt...

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Tracking gunfire with a smartphone

Apr. 25, 2013—You are walking down the street with a friend. A shot is fired. The two of you duck behind the nearest cover and you pull out your smartphone. A map of the neighborhood pops up on its screen with a large red arrow pointing in the direction the shot came from. A team of computer...

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National security and counter-terrorism forum set for Oct. 16

Oct. 12, 2009—A forum on national security, “From Cyber-Warfare to Biological Attacks: Counter-Terrorism in the 21st Century,” will be held Oct. 16 at 2 p.m. in Room 4309 of the Stevenson Center at Vanderbilt. The Vanderbilt community is invited to attend and participate in the open forum, which will allow for questions from the audience. The featured...

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Perspectives of project failure by executives and project managers wins prize for Vanderbilt researchers

Oct. 18, 2007—An article examining the factors used by public service personnel and their contractors to reach the decision to terminate a project won the second-place award for best paper at the Academy of Management meeting in Philadelphia recently. Awards are given annually for the top three articles published in the prestigious Journal of Operations Management that...

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