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‘liver cancer’

BME study shows software helps surgeons find liver tumors, avoid blood vessels

Jul. 17, 2017—The liver is a particularly squishy, slippery organ, prone to shifting both deadly tumors and life-preserving blood vessels by inches between the time they’re discovered on a CT scan and when the patient is lying on an operating room table. Surgeons can swab the exposed liver lightly on the surface with a special stylus, capturing the shape of...

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Vanderbilt researcher’s look at fatty liver disease hits home with dad’s diagnosis

Jun. 9, 2015—Some people may be overweight their whole lives and never suffer from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease’s most deadly effects – diabetes, cirrhosis, liver cancer and organ failure. Jamey Young, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, wants to learn more about the estimated 5-10 percent who do. If his research at Vanderbilt University School of...

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