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BME team develops quick DNA test for malaria drug resistance

Jun. 13, 2019—One of the keys to quickly diagnosing anti-malarial drug resistance — potentially saving lives — lies in testing whole blood instead of extracting DNA, eliminating processing steps that can take hours or days. A team of Vanderbilt University biomedical engineers cracked the code to doing just that and are working on applying the method to...

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Undergrads collect accolades, experience in VUSE summer research

Sep. 9, 2015—Austin Hardcastle stood pensively next to a giant poster explaining his research, the ultimate in “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” reports, holding the malaria test he designed. Soon, the School of Engineering’s faculty would pour out of a meeting in Featheringill Hall and walk past Hardcastle’s poster and 33 others, asking tough questions and...

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Coffee-ring diagnostic offers hope in poorest regions

Oct. 24, 2014—The ring that an evaporating drop of coffee leaves on the counter might be the solution to saving hundreds of thousands of lives. Research accelerating at Vanderbilt offers new hope in diagnostics for malaria and other diseases. The interdisciplinary team is led by Professor of Biomedical Engineering Rick Haselton, Stevenson Professor of Chemistry David Wright,...

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