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‘Mark Hatch’

Makers accelerate a third industrial revolution

Oct. 9, 2015—Boom! might be the sound of an explosion of successful businesses created by an entirely new generation of inventors with only a few hundred dollars in their pockets who build prototypes at professional makerspaces and raise funds through crowdsourcing. These ‘makers’ are part of a movement that is a catalyst to democratize entrepreneurship. Giving people...

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Chambers Lecture Oct. 7: How the Maker Movement is changing the world

Sep. 9, 2015—Mark Hatch says the Maker Movement is changing the world. He knows and he’ll tell you how. Hatch is CEO and co-founder of TechShop, a fast-growing chain of co-working spaces where people come to build prototypes for the products they want to sell. What the shops really produce are entrepreneurs and economic impact. The former...

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