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Vanderbilt engineers to train neural networks and enhance Chattanooga transit system

Oct. 12, 2018—  Chattanooga is the test city for new Department of Energy-funded project that leverages expertise of Vanderbilt engineers and widespread availability of 1-gigabyte Internet connection to revolutionize energy efficiency of transit providers. Advancements in data sensors, data collection and machine learning will fuel the project, which aims to optimize schedules of bus routes, decrease stop-and-go...

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CE alumnus and Seattle transit exec tapped for Nashville Chamber panels

Apr. 10, 2018—Mike Harbour (BE’75) started his career in public transit in Nashville, working for the MTA for a year after he finished his graduate studies in transportation. He’s back this week as a guest of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, which has organized a series of discussions and panels with transit experts who’ve navigated growing pains...

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Don’t nag me about taking the bus. Vanderbilt engineers already put me on it.

Dec. 17, 2015—By Heidi Hall VUSE Communications   Guilt and nagging just don’t work on me. My do-gooder, bus-riding friends who constantly hounded me about adding to traffic congestion and hurting the environment with my car? I just learned to avoid them. Show me that there’s a great reason to make a different choice, and you’ve got...

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Nashville bus app under development earns kudos, $200K NSF grant

Jul. 2, 2015—Nashville’s mass transit leaders are banking on a Vanderbilt University-produced app to get people out of their cars and onto city buses. It allows for real-time tracking – eliminating lengthy waits outdoors – plus social network sharing options to inspire users’ friends, estimates of how many calories burned walking to stops and data on individual...

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