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‘materials research’

Team examines operating limits in solid-state batteries to improve driving range of electric vehicles

Oct. 22, 2020—There is huge momentum toward adoption of battery electric vehicles primarily because performances are meeting or exceeding the properties of traditional automobiles. Consumers want electric vehicles that have similar driving range (energy density) and charging styles and times (power density) to gasoline powered vehicles. “One pathway to improving the energy density of the battery, or...

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Engineering professor wins Sloan Research Fellowship award

Feb. 17, 2020—Kelsey Hatzell, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, has been awarded a Sloan Research Fellowship, an honor given annually to the brightest researchers early in their careers. She is among 126 recipients across the United States and Canada who were announced Feb. 12 by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Winners receive a two-year, $75,000 fellowship, which...

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A path toward shapeshifting new materials—Engineering’s Hall Lecture Feb. 12

Jan. 24, 2020—Next-generation materials will be defined by their ability to adapt, change their properties, change their shape—shapeshifters. “We want to be able to make material that can flow when it wants to flow, that can be rigid when it needs to be rigid, that can appear one way or appear another way,” said Sharon Glotzer, John...

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