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‘Matthew Lang’

Vanderbilt engineers’ innovative research directly monitors cellulose production from individual synthase enzymes

Dec. 14, 2022—Vanderbilt researchers have uncovered conditions needed to produce cellulose at the single molecule level that could one day aid in the dismantling of bacterial defenses as well as potentially lead to the engineering of more efficient and cost-effective biofuel feedstock sources. The findings were published in the scientific journal PNAS. The researchers used optical tweezers...

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Team’s sustained work in T-cell immune response awarded P01 grant totaling $11 million

Oct. 4, 2020—For more than a decade Matt Lang and collaborators across the U.S. have worked to recreate key components of T-cells and how they know when to start fighting disease. Conventional wisdom suggested that T-cells formed regular, force-free bonds with infected cells, and in doing so caused the chain reaction of immune response. The team slowly...

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Cancer-fighting T cells smarter, stronger than experts thought

Aug. 20, 2017—Vanderbilt engineers have made a significant leap toward developing killer T cells to attack cancer tumors by “nudging” them into action with far less evidence of disease than previously thought. Now, researchers will look for T cells that demonstrate potential for the strongest binding when they’re flung at damaged cells. The work by Vanderbilt University...

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Anatomy of a microscopic wood chipper: New observations reveal how an individual cellulase enzyme operates

Dec. 11, 2015—Illustration of the system used to measure the behavior of an individual cellulase molecule. The red shape represents the atomic tweezers that use laser light to manipulate small objects. The blue sphere represents the plastic microsphere that the atomic tweezers can manipulate. The strand of DNA that links the cellulase enzyme to the microsphere is...

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School of Engineering recruits 4 new faculty members

Sep. 20, 2010—The Vanderbilt University School of Engineering announces the appointment of four new faculty members to its full-time teaching staff. They are Melissa Skala, Jason Valentine, Nabil Simaan and Matthew Lang. Assistant professor of biomedical engineering Melissa Skala focuses her research on optical spectroscopy and nanotechnology for cancer diagnosis and therapy. She joins the department’s Biomedical...

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