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Widely used software, developed by Young Lab, tops 1,000 academic licenses

Apr. 15, 2021—INCA enables robust metabolic tracer studies A software tool for metabolic analysis developed by a Vanderbilt chemical engineer recently passed 1,000 total academic licenses and is the most licensed software on the university’s online licensing and e-commerce platform. Additionally, it was the third highest revenue generator on the platform, VU e-Innovations, for 2020. About 20...

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Like geese and race cars, cancer cells draft their way to new sites

Mar. 25, 2019—Finding gives boost to fighting through cell metabolism NASCAR has nothing on cancer cells when it comes to exploiting the power of drafting, letting someone else do the hard work of moving forward while you coast behind. Building on the relatively new discovery that metastatic cancer cells leave tumors and travel in clusters, not singles,...

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