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‘Metro Nashville’

Using AI to optimize public transit for pandemic protocols and planning

Jul. 10, 2020—Abhishek Dubey, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science, is applying artificial intelligence (AI) to address how the essential public transit systems of Nashville and Chattanooga – WeGo Public Transit and CARTA, respectively – can maintain social distancing protocols and proactively plan bus routes and schedules in response to COVID-19. Beyond concerns transit advocates...

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Smart City project gives Nashville data-based planning tools

Oct. 17, 2019—Vanderbilt researchers have discovered a vortex—and this one has nothing to do with icy, polar weather. Working with the Nashville Fire Department and Davidson County Information Technology Services, a team of Vanderbilt computer scientists and engineers analyzed more than three years of NFD incident data. The team looked at location, time and type of incidents...

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Mechanical engineering undergrad gives back to inspirational middle school

Nov. 26, 2014—  Most visitors to John Early Museum Magnet Middle School see wide smiles and hear cheerful hellos while walking down hallways brightly decorated with kids’ artwork and positive messages. But the greetings for school volunteer Adam Bell, a fourth-year mechanical engineering major at Vanderbilt University, may be even heartier. Bell provides a frequent, visible reminder...

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