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‘Mikail Rubinov’

Vanderbilt engineer receives NSF award to develop neural analysis methodology

Jan. 18, 2023—Mikail Rubinov, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, has been awarded $600,000 from the National Science Foundation to develop new computational methods for analysis of large-scale brain activity data. The three-year project is funded by the NSF Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience (CRCNS). It was awarded alongside a companion project from the U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation...

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Rubinov awarded $1.1M to study molecular underpinnings of human brain networks on a large scale

Mar. 17, 2022—Mikail Rubinov, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, computer science, psychiatry and psychology, has been awarded a four-year, $1.1 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to better understand the development and organization of brain networks, as well as their change in development and aging. Rubinov and his collaborators will link aspects of gene expression and...

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Engineering school announces six faculty appointments

Oct. 1, 2018—The Vanderbilt University School of Engineering announces the appointment of a senior faculty member and five junior faculty members representing biomedical, civil, and computer science departments. Audrey Ellerbee Bowden is an associate professor of biomedical engineering. She joins the School of Engineering as a tenured professor from Stanford University where she was a member of...

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