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Schmidt, White, peers across Vanderbilt teach mobile cloud computing to diverse majors

Nov. 4, 2016—Thanks to the Cross-College Teaching Initiative that began this semester, Douglas C. Schmidt, professor of computer science and computer engineering, and Jules White, assistant professor of computer science, launched the University Course Tackling Big Questions with Mobile Cloud Computing. An integral part of Vanderbilt’s Academic Strategic Plan, University Courses count for credit and invite professors, mentors,...

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Vanderbilt engineering MOOC leads talented Indian student to Nashville

Oct. 16, 2015—A student’s round trip of 16,716 miles began with an invitation to spend a summer in Nashville, Tennessee, as a computer science intern at Vanderbilt University. In January, Chinmaya Samal, 22, of Rourkela, Odisha, in India, won a Google prize of a Nexus 7 tablet for an Android app he developed in the capstone project...

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